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For  Supporting  Overhead  Work  Installations
for  the  Building  Construction  Trades

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Spring 'T' is a spring loaded multi-use precision adjustable Dead-Man for supporting Drywall (Sheet Rock), Trim, Single Boards, Plywood Sheathing, and Crown Molding or supporting other work in overhead installations. Because the Spring 'T' head assembly is spring loaded, work can be maneuvered or moved precisely to fit the proper location after the work has been supported with the Spring 'T'.

Support Drywall and Plywood
2 Spring 'T' Supports
per Sheet
Precision Adjustable from
6 foot to 10 foot Heights
Remove Oak Head and
put on Rubber Tip to
Support Single Boards
Support Trim
Crown Molding

The Oak Heads are angled for supporting and sliding. Because of the spring-loaded head and the positioning of the Spring 'T" halfway on the installed sheet on the width side of the 4' x 8' sheet (Note: See above drawing), allows the next sheet when raised into position to be slipped tight against the previously installed drywall sheet. Spring 'T' supports should be pre-adjusted for height and tension prior to installing overhead work. (Drawing not to scale - Typical " x 4' x 8' foot drywall sheet represented above.)

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