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A variety of stationary or mobile equipment to contain contaminants
to your suit your specific application, project and work requirements
with maximum positive sealing and containment capabilities.

The Quick Wall Family of Dust Control Equipment are the most efficient and versatile
Dust - Mist - Mold  Plastic Barrier Containment and Control Systems for
asbestos abatements, fiberglass insulation installing and removal,
floor refinishing, painting, renovating, remodeling,
restoration construction, woodworking
and more

" Equipment Built to Last ... All Metal and Welded Construction "
" Meets ALL Dust Containment Specifications "

The Quick Wall   is a self-supporting telescopic wall system
specifically designed for suspended tile ceilings,
where you are always in control of the tension against the ceiling.

Quick Wall
Can Be Used With ANY Ceiling Application

With the Quick Wall   straight walls, cubicles or
rectangle enclosures are easily constructed
to any lengths and widths
up to a maximum height of 15 feet.

- L Shaped Layout -
The Self-Supporting Telescopic
Support Poles are Easily Laid Out
with Predetermined Header lengths.
Headers, Foam Seal and Plastic are
Easily Attached at the Comfortable
Retracted Position Height of 6 feet

Raising Walls of the QW
to the Desired Ceiling Height
is Effortlessly Done.

You Are Always in Control
of the Tension Required
Against the Ceiling.

Completed Raised wall to the
Suspended Tile Ceiling Height.
No Disturbing the Suspended Tiles
or Framework of the Ceiling.

The Foam Seal Overlaying the Headers
Assures a Positive Seal Against the Ceiling.

Close Up - Foam Encased Headers

Head design for all Quick Wall Telescopic Support Poles
(Spring Loaded or Non-Spring Loaded) for attaching Headers and Plastic

NOTE: See the THICK FOAM around each HEADER -
This assures a TIGHT FIT and POSITIVE SEAL to the Ceiling

Close Ups - Low Profile Base Supports

Floor Base and Wall Base

Wall Base
Close Fitting to the Wall
Close Ups - Head Assembly

Above -
Clip and Retainer
Left -
Full Head Assembly

- The Newest Family Member -
" MCU equals Mobility plus Dust Control and Containment "

The Quick Wall - Mobile Containment Unit or the MCU  is designed for easy mobility, heavy load capacity, and for total contaminate control within the unit, during maintenance and retrofitting for most all crafts, in corridors of Hospitals, Universities and other complexes. The MCU  can work the ceiling area or the sidewall area by removing a side brace on the width or length.

Work Ceiling Heights
To 15 feet

Retracted Height of
6 Feet from Floor

Raising and Lowering
Containment Walls are
Easy and Quick
For Moving from
One Location to Another

Plenty of Room
For Ladder and Tools

Contaminates Stay
Inside the Unit

Accessibility and
Quick Mobility
With the

All Steel Construction
Bracing = 11 Gauge Steel

Non Marring Locking
Swivel Caster Wheels

Max Load: 750 Lbs.

All Interlocking System
For Easy Assembly
And Disassembly

Installing Headers
With Foam Seal Overlay
For a Positive Cushion Seal
At the Ceiling

Two  Sizes :
30" x 72"   or
48" x 72"  Work Area

"  Plywood Flooring

Will Fit in Most
Hospital Elevators



- Header and Foam Seal Information -

Header Lengths
2' 4' 5' 8' 10'

For Headers For Telescopic Poles
1/2" x 6 foot 1" x 6 foot

Dust Control For Indoor Reconstruction,
Renovations and Mold Remediation
In Our Major Facilities Today

The Health Care Industry, Major Hotels and Office Buildings have become totally environmentally conscious of the importance of dust control during reconstruction and renovations of their facilities. Indoor air quality is generally 10 times more polluted than the air outside we breathe, according to the EPA. The spreading of dust, asbestos, dusts mites and mold spores during reconstruction, renovation and retrofitting work are major issues for these facilities and makes it necessary for the contractor to contain and enclose the work area with dust control equipment. Heavy reconstruction, asbestos remediation, mold remediation, retrofitting and renovation work are environmentally polluting and methods of controlling that pollution are absolutely essential, especially in this age of enlightened health consciousness.

Dust control equipment is then essential for accomplishing the control of dust during the reconstruction, renovation and retrofitting processes. SPECIALTY TOOL has designed our dust control equipment to give a high degree of dust control. Our easy to assemble dust control equipment is manufactured with quality materials and workmanship to give our customers total satisfaction for years to come and saving them many man-hours of installation time.

Our satisfied customers encompass a broad field of construction and service professionals; such as Electrical Contractors, Tele-Communication Systems Services, Hospital Maintenance Facility Managers, Mechanical Engineering Companies, Mold Remediation and Asbestos Remediation Contractors, Security Systems Service Companies and others all across the US.

When your next project requires dust control equipment,
SPECIALTY TOOL can supply you with
quality dust control equipment to suit your enclosure requirements.

- Accessories -
For Quick Wall Equipment Products
Professional Air Purifier
For Our Mobile Containment Units (MCU) or
For Quick Wall Enclosures up to 30 feet by 30 feet by 8 feet high

- Oreck -
Super Air 8
Regenerates Air in MCUs
    every 3 minutes or less
Regenerates Air in a 30' x 30' x 8' H
    enclosure every hour
Airflow amazing 140 cubic feet
    per minute
Filtration efficiency up to 95%
Traps particles 0.1 microns -
    one thousand times smaller
    than one human hair
Permanent Lifetime Electronic Filter -
    washes clean in detergent and water -
    never needs replacing
Captures and Destroys up to 96%
    bacteria, viruses, molds and fungi
Space Saving Size: 16 1/4" by
    10 1/2" by 5 1/8" High
Runs Super Quiet with
    Silence Technology TM

NOTE :   PARTS Are Available for ALL Quick Wall Equipment

Quick Wall Products Division - Dust Control Equipment
( National Clients )

V.A. Medical Center, Saganaw, MI  V.A Medical Center, Fayetteville, NC  ZYCC Corporation - Tokyo, Japan  Harris County District Hospitals (HCDH) - Houston, Texas   Texas A & M University  Hill Air Force Base - Utah  Michigan State University Medical Center (Facility Maintenance) - Michigan  Yuma Regional Medical Center (Facility Maintenance) - Arizona  Pro-Restoration, Inc. (Mold Remediation) - New York  The Children's Mercy Hospital (Facility Maintenance) - Missouri  University Health System (Facility Maintenance) - Texas  Prosec Protection Systems, Inc. (Security Systems) - New Jersey  Service Communications, Inc. (Telecommunications) - Washington  E. C. & M., Inc. (Electrical Controls) - Virginia  Cochran, Inc. (Electrical Design) - Washington & Texas  Gowan, Inc. (Mechanical) - Texas  R. J. Carroll Company (Telecommunications) - Texas  Gilbert Electric Company (Electrical) - Arizona  Pacific Cascade Construction - California  Millennium Partners (Mold Remediation) - Maryland  A. E. C. Group (Applied Electronics Corporation) - Pennsylvania  Johnson Controls (Electrical Controls) - Wisconsin & Texas 
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