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Helping to Meet Your Installation Needs for Acid Brick & Firebrick Refractories


Brick Installation Equipment
&   Consulting Services

Brick Support Equipment and Performance in the
Acid Brick and Firebrick Installation Industry

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For ALL US Government Facilities and Military Installations

         Specialty Tool Manufacturing Company specializes in the manufacture of brick support equipment for the Industrial Refractory Acid Brick and Firebrick Installation Industry. With over thirty years performing in the refractory bricklaying trade and the manufacture of pogo sticks, we have seen the need for precision adjustable and versatile overhead bricking tools and bricking machines to work proportionate with the multitude of inside diameters that rotary kilns, furnaces, pipes and acid vessels are designed. Especially, to brick the equipment when there is a requirement for multiple brick linings, due to extreme high heat during furnace operation or reducing acid absorption and heat transfer to a Teflon or Rubber membrane in an acid vessel protecting the steel shell from corrosion.

         So, Specialty Tool designed and engineered the Adjustable Pogo Stick and Precision Adjustable Quick Set Bricking Machine to accomplish these goals. The results of the equipment are simplicity for the user, quality built tools and machines, cost effectiveness, virtually no equipment maintenance cost, minimal equipment set up time, an organized and versatile brick installation system, enabling quality brick construction and production.

         In addition, Specialty Tool manufactures the Trash Can Caddy for medium to large trash containers for container storage, moving to curbside for garbage pickup and keeping the trashcans neat and orderly.

         Also, The Quick Wall, Quick Wall 2 and the Quick Wall - Mobile Containment Unit for constructing quick and easy temporary plastic barrier walls for dust control for the Do It Yourselfers, DIY, building contractors, remodeling contractors, and remediation contractors. The Quick Wall, Quick Wall 2 and the Quick Wall - Mobile Containment Unit will help isolate contaminants such as: Dust, Asbestos, and Mold Spores during: sand blasting, spray painting, remodeling, renovations and remediation work, woodworking and demolitions. The Quick Wall 2 has been specifically designed for suspended tile ceiling applications.

We look forward to helping with you with our
experience, expertise and equipment.

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Makes Trash Container Handling Easy

See the New Family of Dust Control Equipment
Several Types for Commercial, Industrial and Home Use

For Supporting Overhead Work Installations


Industrial  Bricking  Equipment  Division
( National - International Clients )

Sabah Forest Industries, Sdn Bhd - Malaysia • Koch Knight, LLC • Stebbins Engineering • International Masonry Institute • Hovensa, LLC - St Croix, V.I. • Michigan Refractory, Inc. • George P. Reintjes Co., Inc. • Industrial Specialist, Inc. • Hi -Tech Refractory Services, Inc. • Linwood Mining & Minerals, Corp. • Tri-State Industrial Services, Inc. • Canadian/Stebbins Engineering - Canada • J T Thorpe & Sons, Inc. • J T Thorpe Company, Inc. • Philip Services, Inc. • Industrial Gunite, Inc. • Foster Wheeler Energy Services, Inc. • Louisiana Pacific Corporation • York Linings International - USA & UK • SASTECH - South Africa • John Young & Company (Kelvinhaugh) Limited - Scotland • Electro Chemical Engineering & Mfg. Co. • St. Lawrence Cement Company • Leihgh Southwest Cement Co. •

Quick Wall Products Division - Dust Control Equipment
( National Clients - International Clients )

V.A. Medical Center, Saganaw, MI • V.A Medical Center, Fayetteville, NC • ZYCC Corporation - Tokyo, Japan • Harris County District Hospitals (HCDH) - Houston, Texas  • Texas A & M University • Hill Air Force Base - Utah • Michigan State University Medical Center (Facility Maintenance) - Michigan • Yuma Regional Medical Center (Facility Maintenance) - Arizona • Pro-Restoration, Inc. (Mold Remediation) - New York • The Children's Mercy Hospital (Facility Maintenance) - Missouri • University Health System (Facility Maintenance) - Texas • Prosec Protection Systems, Inc. (Security Systems) - New Jersey • Service Communications, Inc. (Telecommunications) - Washington • E. C. & M., Inc. (Electrical Controls) - Virginia • Cochran, Inc. (Electrical Design) - Washington & Texas • Gowan, Inc. (Mechanical) - Texas • R. J. Carroll Company (Telecommunications) - Texas • Gilbert Electric Company (Electrical) - Arizona • Pacific Cascade Construction - California • Millennium Partners (Mold Remediation) - Maryland • A. E. C. Group (Applied Electronics Corporation) - Pennsylvania • Johnson Controls (Electrical Controls) - Wisconsin & Texas •

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